so Nakumatt has been busy…

Chilli Lemon. Yum.

Chilli Lemon. Yum.

The competition between supermarkets in this country can be amusing.

I’ve been spending so much time in supermarkets this last week that my brain is compelling me to comment about their pattern (other than the reshuffling of shelves that they are constantly doing, which annoys the hell out of me).

A few years ago, Nakumatt bought up all the Woolmatt branches in the CBD, and recently, Tuskys has been on a spree acquiring Ukwala supermarkets.

Since last year, Nakumatt’s been selling their “own” branded merchandise with the Nakumatt Blue LabelTM logo that are noticeably cheaper than other brand name products.

From crisps, spices and water, to bleach, powder soap and tissue, Nakumatt has filled the shelves with their branded merchandise.

Tuskys, too, has their branded sugar, rice, TP….

The year is so new that I’m actually blogging about this. Lord.

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2 thoughts on “so Nakumatt has been busy…

  1. This looks identical to the model of the Trader Joe’s grocery chain that we have here. Essentially, Trader Joe’s sells the exact same product as every other store but will liberally apply phrases like “premium”, “plus” and “seasonal”. They’re all just words for corn and preservatives, I’ve found. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you!
    Here’s their page in case you’re curious:

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