pop culture rant: too much love for Adele?

The 54th Grammy Awards were held over the weekend. Prior to the main event, Whitney “The Voice” Houston died.

I’m still stunned about her death. I know she wasn’t immortal but I am so sad that she’s dead.

What a loss to the world…

But as always in show biz, the show went on.

On the night of the Grammys, someone bagged six awards in big categories.


Now, I’m aware of about four of Adele’s songs out of the two albums she’s released. I’m rather fond of Set Fire to the Rain and Rolling in the Deep….but I’ve truly had it up to the tips of my braids with hearing ‘news’ about Adele. She’s gotten on my nerves.

What started as an enjoyment of music is turning out to be a dreary experience to my ears.

I might be coming off bitter, but the constant mention of Adele has turned me to this.

The constant mention of her and her songs is suffocating, and it’s led me to being really fed up and annoyed by her. Nowadays, I swear she sounds like a screeching cat, and worse, a man.

What annoys me most about this Adele sitch is the pedestal she’s been placed on.

She does have a strong voice, but when you equate her to being THE freshest sound in the music industry today, that’s taking it a bit too far.

Everybody has different tastes in music, and making comparisons between genres is unfair.

Adele has become a marketing tool for…Adele. She’s been marketed and overmarketed in the mainstream media for such a long time that she’s been branded the best.

Yes, she has a husky voice, and yes, like I said, she has a strong voice. But this is really not new or fresh.

Her voice is rather ordinary, not as exceptional and extraordinarily talented as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James or Whitney Houston.

More so, there are many singers today who can match Adele’s singing and song-writing skills, way better even, but because they don’t get the massive recognition she does, they don’t matter.

Ladies with great pipes and raw talent like Sia, Paloma Faith, Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes and Laura Izibor, even chaps like Michael Bublé.

I feel as though I’m contradicting myself here, saying I like some of her songs yet wanting her to disappear for a while.

It’s just that in the last year, she has been overhyped, her worldwide popularity, marketing success and album sales leading to description of how “real” of an artist she is.


This is undermining what other artists are doing, as if all they do is sing about drugs, guns and buns.

Truly, if you were to really review her tracks, both of her albums are filled with angry, whiny and clingy lyrics, effigies about heartbreak that are damn annoying and depressing. Get over the guy already, yeah?

The fuss on Adele is being overdone here, and we’re getting a bit carried away.

In my honest opinion, her vocals are not as clean as they’ve been made out to be. Take for instance the bits in Someone Like You that sound strenuous, forced and off-key.

Perhaps a result of the cigarettes, or she wanted to show just how far she can go, but she stretches out the “don’t forget me I beg” part, and it doesn’t come out cleanly and smoothly. It seriously sounds like neighing, and ears can bleed.

I’m at my saturation point and I’m fed up of hearing about Adele.

7 thoughts on “pop culture rant: too much love for Adele?

  1. When I first heard Rolling in the Deep, I loved the song. It seemed fresh, I liked the sound. Then I heard to played to death all over the place. I agree with you on that other song where she strains her vocal chords. It is painful to hear. Poor Adele, I don’t know if her voice will hold up. It’s not her fault…but her overplay and overhype is too much.
    Thanks for letting me rant with you. Great post by the way.

    • Thanks for reading, strawberry! Adele’s Grammy wins kinda pushed me over the edge, and I tend to think that her popularity and massive airplay had something to do with them.

      Love your username, by the way!

  2. Great post. We spent this Valentines Day, reflecting all the love, light, and compassion,
    Whitney Houston brought to this world not only through her voice, but through her
    very being. Sending our Love to you from Sunny Miami! http://t.co/v0kSQeWB

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog!
      I hoped that someday Whitney would get clean, work on her voice and regain her former glory. And then she took a bunch of pills and mixed them up with booze and then……
      I’m just really sad that such an amazing woman is dead.

  3. Absolutely too much! Where is her soul? It infuriates me that singers like Patti LaBelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, and any member of The Supremes never got this much popularity. Furthermore, one could even make a case that she is eclipsing Barbara Streisand in popularity and THAT IS JUST NOT OK!!!!

    • I think I found my twin in this whole Adele biz! WHY is she so damn popular when there are musicians who are WAY BETTER than her? Like the Queen herself, Aretha!!!
      I don’t even understand why people are still buying that silly album to keep her that long on the charts, more than a year after it was released?
      It’s always a “watdafaq” moment for me every time I see things like that about her….especially when she’s in the same sentence as true pop stars like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

      • Glad I could help. Usually, I love most of the stuff coming out of England and the UK. (I’m American but I’m a true Anglophile.) Sadly, though, even the foggy, gorgeous isle that Adele hails from is not enough to save her in my book.

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